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Bike through the world’s most thrilling destination. What you’ve heard is all true — there is no other place like Vietnam… the people, culture, cuisine and landscapes.

Vietnam Overview

Xin Chao (Welcome)

The Many Splendors of Vietnam

Anthony Bourdain once claimed of Vietnam, his favorite country: “Once you love it, you love it forever.” You’ve heard the stories, of  wonderful people, fabulous food, incredible landscapes — all true, and even more so from the vantage point of a saddle. We were the first to organize bike trips in Vietnam, starting in 1994, and since then have organized hundreds of trips for thousands of delighted clients for whom many say, was the trip of a lifetime.

Our route takes the most beautiful and remote area of Vietnam, with three UNSECO World Heritage site – the classic cities of Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An, and the buzzing food and commercial capital, Saigon. Our classic Ho Chi Minh route is suitable for road bikes, but we can provide private trips for mountain biking or gravel bikes with alternate routes off-road.



• Travel the length of Vietnam, from the rustic, traditional north, central twin jewels Hue and Hoi An and, at trip’s end, buzzing modern Saigon.
• Explore Vietnam’s most picturesque riding landscapes in the northwest hilltribe country.
• Savor some of the world’s most delicious street food and finer venues.
• Stay at Vietnam’s finest hotels, including Hanoi’s legendary Metropole and Hue’s La Residence.
• Ride quieter little traffic
• Trace Vietnam’s historic Ho Chi Minh Trail
• Ride through and visit numerous small towns few other travelers ever see.
• Professional local guides & stocked sag wagon
• Visit Halong Bay before the trip and the magnificent temples of Angkor afterwards, both side trips we can plan for you.

Le Van Sinh
Sinh single-handedly jump-started Vietnam’s tourist industry in 1990, establishing the seminal Sinh Cafe which arranged trips for tens of thousands of the very first travelers through his newly-opened country.

A former engineer, Sinh served as a map researcher for Lonely Planet Guide book. Sinh explored and pioneered countless new routes through the country. He has lead cycling trips for over 20 years also within Cambodia and Laos. In his spare time Sinh participates in triathlons and enjoys working on his fleet of bikes (he is one of the best mechanics in the country).

Le Van Sinh

Why Us

Experts with over 25 years organizing cycling trips in Vietnam

Why us? We organized the very first cycling trips in Vietnam back in 1994, and since then have consistently updated routes, places and more to keep our trips as fresh and unique as they were then, and of the highest quality of any company in Vietnam. Your trip will seamless and we will arrange each and every detail, from visas to all transfers needed, even outside the tour, as well as side trips, such as Angkor, and can also provide international airlines at competitive pricing. Safety has always been paramount, and nobody is more experienced. Please call and ask us for more details, test our knowledge, and why you should come to Vietnam with us. 

Destination and Trip Details

In our 27th year of cycling Vietnam, we’ve refine every trip’s routes, places to stay, dining, and training of a world-class support crew with over years of experience leading the highest caliber of trips trips. This ten-day journey is fully-supported. Riders can expect beautiful, safe rides, plenty of delicious Mexican grub, hot showers, and cultural activities on the side. This 10-day trip is limited to only 12 riders. This trip may be also organized as a private, custom tour for you and your friends or family. Contact us for full details.

In addition to a pre-tour preparation packet for Vietnam, all riders are welcome to contact us in advance of the trip, for questions and information they may need

Arrival & Departure
We encourage you to arrive earlier, for more time in Hanoi, and to kayak the amazing karst water world of UNESCO World Heritage Halong Bay, which we can arrange. Please contact us before arranging your flights for recommendations, and even for booking a ticket. If you are flying in, you’ll want to arrive into Hanoi’s Noi Bai Airport, with departure from Saigon (or Bangkok if you’re visiting Angkor). We will arrange transport from and to all airports.

Our Vietnam trips are designed for moderate to advanced riders comfortable riding 2-5 hours at a steady pace, though all riding is optional—our Sag wagon is always nearby, even for a catching a quick lift up climbs. We ride as a group, though faster riders may ride ahead if desired or add additional mileage. We typically depart mid-morning around 9 AM each day, with a break for a pleasant lunch. Afternoons after arrival with include some time free, or we will have scheduled sightseeing, such as visiting many of Vietnam’s exceptional historical sites along our route. Mornings before we depart also provides some time to see local sights.

Covid-19 and other Safety Issues
While we are optimistic a vaccine will free us for safe and healthy travel again, regardless Vietnam has always been the safest places for travel.

Weather & Climate
The weather in Vietnam during our touring season is always sunny and warm, little or no rainfall, and typically reaching into the 70s to 80s midday, and pleasantly humid. 

Our past travelers will tell you our trips are as much as about the food and culture as the riding. In fact, after 20 years our Iron Chef Vietnam culinary cycling trip remains our most popular. Our meals feature a variety of the best of Vietnam, from the most delicious street food in the world, fresh seafood, Our van is stocked with typical rider’s fuel, including carbo mix, bars, bananas and other fruit, but also a variety of cold beverages and local snacks popular in each location.

In places with options, such as Hanoi and Hue, we stay at the best properties available, including the legendary Metropole and in Hue, the elegant La residence. In the countryside, we stay in the only hotels available, rustic yet comfortable. 

Money Matters
ATM’s are ubiquitous along our route and credit cards widely accepted. Aside from alcoholic drinks and souvenirs, you will need only small amounts of pesos mostly for hotel staff and tips. We recommend allowing for about $10-20 per day for such expenses.

Cyclist riding in north Vietnam

What’s Included

Included with trip:

  • Pre-tour packet
  • VeloPura cycling jersey
  • Transfer from San Diego
  • Visa assistance
  • Covid-19 safe travel procedures*
  • All accommodation
  • All transportation
  • All snacks, water, meals and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Laundry service for cycling clothes
  • Bike assembly, disassembly, and maintenance

Not included with trip:

  • Rental bike (available below)
  • Required visa fees ($25)
  • Single room (+$925)
  • Airport transfer at end of trip
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Customary guide gratuity
  • Trip cancellation, travel, emergency medical insurance (request information)

Rental Bicycle Option (+$350):
– 2019 Pinarello Prince Disc
– Experience the legendary ride quality in Baja on a Pinarello.
– Carbon T700 Asymmetric Frame
– Shimano Ultegra 11 speed gruppo & hydraulic disc brakes
– Available sizes: Sizes 46.5cm, 51.5cm, 54cm, 56cm, 59cm


*Covid-19 Travel Safety Procedures
While we are optimistic a vaccine will free us for safe and healthy travel again, but until then Baja is a safe destination, close to home, featuring one of the lowest population densities in the world (about nine person per square kilometer), warm sunny weather, miles and miles of remote rural travel, quiet small towns, outdoor dining, two well-ventilated vans for distancing, staff Covid-19 testing, small group size, and safety procedures including masks off the bike. 
Participants are requested to provide a Covid-19 test or proof of vaccine prior to the trip. All make Baja a safe trip and one of the safest destinations for travel in the world during the pandemic. 

 Contact us for more details at (415) 680-3788 or by email:

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Images of Vietnam

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Private & Custom Trips

Travel with your club, friends, or family. Customize this trip to your specific preferences—we’ll work with you to make it the trip of a lifetime.